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Our story begins in 1915, which marks the year that our quaint little farm began growing its roots. Nestled behind Wisteria Lane in Suffield, Connecticut, husband and wife duo Matt and Ang Lefcheck are the driving force behind all operations.

We believe in creating harmony between agriculture and the natural world. We plant with soul and harvest with heart; rearing crops that feel just right from season to season. Dedicated to utilizing every bit of what our farm has to offer, we harvest so that nothing goes to waste. One can always expect to find fresh eggs provided by our free-range hens, and meat cows grazing the pastures.

We embrace the natural beauty that surrounds us, often foraging our woodlands for berries, mushrooms and countless other organic treasures, while mindfully keeping our footprint minimal. Our goal is not only to provide our customers with farm fresh goodies, but also encourage others in joining us on a path for a greener tomorrow.

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